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The Purview is dedicated to our perspective on the world of tabletop gaming, interesting discussions, and other fun bits of info. (Scroll for articles.)

We seek to honor various games/designers and discuss an array of topics in the world of gaming. All topics and games are selected with intentionality, and our choice to comment or not comment on a matter may be for any number of reasons.

If we highlight a product, it may not mean we endorse all designers, artists, developors, and publishers involved in that product or all products produced by any of those involved.

Lastly, if you note a current of Christian themed games on our site, it is because we are in fact a Christian run business that works to serve the broader market, but we will not necessarily relegate ourselves to Christian games/themes.

(Note: All content is authored and edited by Anthem Creations as a whole and falls under our purview as such, but not all writing may come from a singular writer, hence the distinct difference in stylistic flavors.)

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