The Market | A Pocket Game


2 Players + Solo Mode (3-4 with 2 decks)
5-10 mins.
Ages 14+
Publisher: Anthem Creations

The Market | A Pocket Game is a super-quick, press-your-luck, resource management market card game. Gain Hope in the post-apocalyptic economy of Plaka 2121.

-Take Risks
-Gain and Manage Resources
-Ramp Your Engine
-Weigh Your Options

Gather temporary resources, and trade them at the Market for permanent resources which provides Hope for survival. Attain 10 Hope to see a better tomorrow.

Each turn, players take 1 of 3 action choices--

1. Gather any 2 temporary resources by rotating Resource Card(s).

2. Explore the Market by flipping a card off the top of a shared deck in the middle of the table. If you can afford the card, you may buy it. If not, leave it for future buyers.

3. Buy from the existing face-up cards in the Available Market.

One person attains the goal of 10 Hope, and everyone walks away with more Hope than they had when they started.

In a world that struggles to find Hope, the quick, light gameplay will have you coming back time and time again when you have a few minutes to pass with your friends and family.

There is always Hope to be had.

(Made in USA. Now available for Canada. Only ships to the US & Canada currently. Working to fix this. )