Empyrean Hero | The Card Game


2-4 Players
45-60 mins.
Ages 14+
Publisher: Anthem Creations

HERO is a tactical engine-building card game that puts on display the sky-battles of the heavens for all to see.

A cast of heroes, reborn within the multifarious cultures of a cataclysmic dystopia, battle side-by-side in eternity itself--as they train for the greater war against horde in the world of Tempo.

-Explosive Hidden Abilities, Decisive Drafting, Way OverPowered Heroes (OP), and One Turn Wins (OTW).
-No life points. No victory points. No boosters.
-Know Your Opponent. Know Yourself.

Pierce opposing defenses, and defeat opposing SkyBases.

Build gritty engines from an array of abilities that circumvent the game system itself, and plow headlong into the deepest corners of the action selection HERO framework.

Iron sharpens iron in this strategic yet tactical hand management team builder.

Training time is here.

(Made in USA. Now available for Canada. Only ships to the US & Canada currently. Working to fix this. )