Our Story (The H.E.R.O. Journey)

Why H.E.R.O.?

Where are you?

Origin Story

H.E.R.O began as an attempt to create a M.O.B.A. as a card game. That didn't last for long. Something much better resulted. H.E.R.O. started out on index cards (which have been lost in the void of moving from one residence to another). Having playtested the game into the ground, I went through 3-5 sets of notecards with major rule changes occurring regularly. As I began attempting to incorporate aspects of the Shining Force games into this card game, it shifted even more drastically. the idea of recruiting heroes was exciting. Inevitably, H.E.R.O was born (Healing, Enhancement, Recruitment, Offense).

The acronym makes remembering the game mechanics very easy. This is the benefit to having an English teacher who loves games create one.

A H.E.R.O. in the Making

Above, you will see what I call Prototype 8. Until this point, Office Depot was my best friend. The warmth of the copy paper against my cold hands...as I mercilessly shave the edges off of 1 x 2 in. flimsy cardstock. Other people's crying children all around, while my daughter, sat fascinated by the other customers. Relationships built and war stories shared about our various endeavors. The odd looks I got from stingy types when I said I was making a card game. The opportunities to connect with complete strangers who were stepping into new life of their own with their entrepreneurial endeavors.

Eventually, Prototype 8 came to be. Here, I thought I was finished, and all that needed adjusting was the rules, but as I began to stress test the game, H.E.R.O. revealed a need for extreme clarity, conciseness and specificity. It went from 4 pages of instructions (front and back) to 1 page. Then as stress-testing proceeded, certain combinations of cards required more specificity in the instructions, and thus, the instructions were given life.

Prototype 9

We just wrapped up another round of playtesting,  what we liked to call Prototype 9. Full-size 2.5 x 3.5 cards. Rounded corners. Bleed was correct, so the edges are clean. A fully playable game for 2 people.

Prototype 9 of H.E.R.O. had 9 more heroes than Prototype 8 (a move toward a player count increase).  However, it was short about 10 abilities. Ultimately, H.E.R.O. is a 2 player game that allows an increase in the number of players by 2 for every deck present.

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Prototype 10 (P10)

Currently, we have 35 copies of the game floating around the world, not so much floating, but rather gifted to particular players who agreed to playtest and pay for shipping. We also have a PnP available for those in the Facebook group..

The specs for P10 are the same as prototype 9 of H.E.R.O. but with 10 new abilities, bringing the deck to a full 72 cards. It has a 1st Playthrough/Tutorial game mode. Instructions are now up on our website. And, we have a tutorial video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ffhzknIGD8w

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Prototype 10.5 (P10.5)

On top of the 35 copies of P10 floating around, there are about 5 copies of P10.5 in players' hands as well. Moreover, we ran a contest a while back, and one lucky winner got his hands on one of 4 game mats.

We are currently dropping artwork in our Facebook group for H.E.R.O., and the groups continues to grow slowly but surely.

We will be at MACE in Charlotte again this year. Come by and playtest with us in "The Gallery."

Join us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/groups/herocardgame