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Years in the Making

Anthem Creations

You are worth it.

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G. Wesley Cone

Pastor/Church Planter, English Teacher, Writer, Editor, and Game Designer

Wesley is a man who knows his worth and desires that you know yours.

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Sarah J. Cone

Church Planter, Art/History Teacher, Writer, and Designer

Sarah Cone is a woman of contentment and deep thankfulness.

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Our Story

Anthem Creations is not only about H.E.R.O. Although, it is our current W.I.P. There are hopefully many more to come.

Over the course of many years, Sarah and Wesley have done much in the way of creativity. We decided it was time to run with it. Our hope is that Anthem Creations will not only allow us to operate more effectively in ministering to others, but we hope that Anthem Creations can eventually become an outlet through which others might also operate.

Sarah is a K-12 art teacher, and Wesley Cone is a licensed pastor, high school English teacher, and student at Regent University's Divinity School. Sarah Cone has been called to education and has her Master's in History Education from UNC-Charlotte. Their awesome daughter Zoe is, well, a toddler--and full of life. 

Destiny Outreach Church, a non-denominational church in Clinton, NC, commissioned us to start a church in Elon, NC in 2016. The journey so far has been truly exciting, and we know that it will continue to be.

We have been very blessed by Destiny Outreach in our relationship with them these past several years. Pastor Rodney and Teri Hall and Pastor Diane Jenkins, along with the rest of the Destiny family, have been such a blessing to us and the community, serving faithfully and unwavering. 

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