Years in the Making

Anthem Creations

You are worth it.

G. Wesley Cone

  • Pastor/Church Planter, English Teacher, Writer, Editor, and Game Designer

  • Wesley is a man who knows his worth and desires that you know yours.

Sarah J. Cone

  • Church Planter, Art/History Teacher, Writer, and Designer

  • Sarah Cone is a woman of contentment and deep thankfulness.


3 years in the making, Anthem started as the name of our church plant. During this time, Wesley began creating what he thought was a MOBA-like card game.

Hundreds of playtests later, and HERO has taken its own form--a cross between modern tabletop games like Wingspan and competitive card games like Keyforge.

HERO | The Card Game has made an appearance at many FLGS, a couple of local cons, and MACE in Charlotte on 2 different occasions.


Anthem Creations is not only about HERO. Although, it is our current W.I.P. There are hopefully many more to come.


Over the course of many years, Sarah and Wesley have done much in the way of creativity. We decided it was time to run with it. Our hope is that Anthem Creations will not only allow us to operate more effectively in ministering to others, but we hope that Anthem Creations can eventually become an outlet through which others might also operate.