One day as a young man, he was simply doing his state mandated duty as a tax-collecting Market Man. Lower Rochester was supposed to be the "peaceful district," and yet he was still framed for someone else’s murder.

A complex life is a nice way to describe the reality that Isaac has faced over the years.

For instance, when it comes to having had one’s life stolen and replaced by an imitator, well--let’s just say, he has a nimbo-cybernetic for a reason.

Now as a Realineer, Isaac brings life into every strand of culture with which he interacts, no easy task.

With a balanced fighting style, he should not be left alone.

Isaac has a tendency to recover things that could very well change the course of history.

The Cast

Akio   Ayumi   Boulos   Christoph  Eng   Gambito   Grit   Hindra

Ignacia   Isaac   Izumi   Kay   Kyauta   Mace   Michael   Origin

Rohan   Yasmine   Zhao   Zoe