The Card Game

Creation eagerly awaits the manifestation of the sons of God. While all of creation is groaning...

  • HERO puts on display the sky-battles of the heavens for all to see.

  • Explosive Hidden Abilities

  • Decisive Drafting

  • Way OverPowered Heroes (OP)

  • One Turn WIns (OTW). 

Know Your Opponent. Know Yourself.

No life points. No victory points. No boosters.

Take on opposing SkyBases by building gritty engines that circumvent the game itself and plow head long into the deepest corners of the HERO framework. Iron sharpens iron in this strategic yet tactical hand management, team builder. Training time is here. Easy to learn, a journey to Master.

As Elders, players train up a dytsopic menagerie of new recruits. This new generation of Ghostwalkers battle it out in the skies of eternity. But, as with the heroes of yesteryear, death is elusive. What appears to be sure defeat more often than not is but a temporary setback.

  • 2-4 friends

  • 100 majestically designed cards including 4 SkyBases (2 Different Styles), 4 sets of Stat Bonuses, and 4 Reference Cards

  • 1 v 1/2 v 2/Free-for-all

  • High Replayability w/ Shifting Field Conditions, Dynamic Hero Options, and Varying Deck-Builds

How will you build your force? One buff boss-like hero or a rag-tag team of fighters who operate like a well-built “engine?” What sacrifices are you willing to make to defeat your opponent’s SkyBase?

   H eal fatigued heroes

   E nhance hero stats, and teach

   them new abilities

   R ecruit a team.... or not

   O ffense leads to the defeat of

   opposing heroes and their


Prove yourself in the HERO arena, and prepare for the war yet to come. Darkness shall not prevail.

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A Kickstarter in the Making

The HERO journey has not been easy, but it has been enjoyable. A labor of love and a number of supporters to keep us moving forward.

Playtesting is nearing its final days, artwork for the heroes is FINISHED; numbers are being crunched, and we will soon be Kickstarter ​ready.

The key focus at this point is building the HERO community. We want feedback, input, ideas for future expansions, and a community interested in finding the hidden treasures in the game that even the designers may not yet have found.

 Comes w/ Free HERO Print-N-Play

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