Why H.E.R.O.?

Who told you that?


2+ Players
3-5 mins. per Hero
Ages 10+


72 Cards--
20 Heroes
24 Abilities
26 Stat Cards
​2 Quick Ref. Cards


  • Destroy your opponents' base(s)


  • Draft a hero.
  • Fill your personal deck with hand-chosen abilities.
  • Shuffle.


  • H-Healing
  • E-Enhancement
  • R-Recruitment 
  • O-Offense

The Fun Factor:

  1. Easy to Learn
  2. Options galore
  3. Sacrificial Decisions
  4. Combination building on the go
  5. Tactics and Strategy shifting on the fly
  6. Replayability (Different every playthrough)
  7. Complex Short-Term and Long-Term Strategy
  8. Entire game is included in the base set
  9. Unique expansions to come--which have a significant impact on gameplay (including new heroes, narrative events, and special weaponry)

In a not too distant future, apocalyptic scenarios are not so farfetched. With the world on the brink of utter destruction, a new breed of hero is rising up. These heroes (male and female, young and old, from all walks of life) have begun to attempt that which is "impossible," saving humankind from the impending darkness. Each with their own unique abilities, they will not back down. But as the history books have passed down wisdom regarding this war, the Elders have taken it upon themselves to train up these new heroes. Age is not a factor, this is a new breed of hero in need of training. If they cannot survive each other, they will never survive the world.

H.E.R.O. is the training ground. In an arena where you are an Elder, your job--recruiting freshblood, training them, enhancing their abilities, and teaching them to fight for that which is good. Are you ready to train up this new breed of hero?

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