Your average everyday explorer, Christoph hates adventure but can't seem to avoid it. He roams the world, enjoying the sites and attempting to sidestep conflict. By sky, by sea, by land, Christoph travels.

As a freelance graphic designer, it doesn’t really matter where Christoph goes, he affords it. Granted, he doesn’t really travel in luxury, by any stretch of the imagination. It’s ok though; he’s in it for the light-hearted journey anyway.

Unfortunately, light-hearted journeys often turn into life-threatening situations when his desire to travel outweighs his personal reservations about any number of unique encounters.

Regardless, he always seems to adjust to the world around. Having taken his licks, he is always en garde.

In the end, Christoph knows no home.
Not really a fighter, Christoph chooses to ready himself in case trouble should come his way.

That said, he always has a way of making sure that if he’s going down that he’s not the only one.

The Cast

Akio   Ayumi   Boulos   Christoph  Eng   Gambito   Grit   Hindra

Ignacia   Isaac   Izumi   Kay   Kyauta   Mace   Michael   Origin

Rohan   Yasmine   Zhao   Zoe