About Us

Life is relationship. Connect & Respect.

Anthem Creations was established in 2016, prior to 2020, but officially began making sales amid the COVID pandemic. We are a small family company that started with a single project in mind-- Empyrean Hero | The Card Game.

My name is Wesley Cone. I am a husband and a father, and I served in public education as an English teacher for 10 years and as a pastor for 5 years.

With a focus on world-building, as well as supporting other creative endeavors, our family hope is to create a brand and a number of products that add value to others.

Anthem Creations works to bring creative products & content to the broader public, while maintaining a Christian identity as a company.

Our games are not directly Christian per se. However, the world of Tempo might in some ways be likened to C.S. Lewis's Narnia.

There are certain values that we hold as a company. Games we support and endorse will always be in alignment with our heart as a company. However, the creators whose games we produce content about may come from a range of backgrounds and may not necessarily share our views.

Any content we put out or games we sell are chosen by us, and we reserve the right to not produce content or sell games for any reason.